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Arranging your flights for your Newfoundland and Labrador vacation can be easily organized through Air Canada and West Jet who offer direct, summer season flights between the UK and St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (YYT). West Jet and Air Canada also provide access from dozens of North American airports via connections through Halifax and Toronto.

Featured ExperienceFeatured Experience
Enjoy and learn about sperm whales.

Whales and puffins.  Trinity and Bonavista.  Sea and sky.  Join us to experience the world’s largest gathering of humpback...

A humpback whale watches the whale watcher - both are curious

They come thousands of miles for our Newfoundland seafood menu. Our Whale Study Week lets you hang out with humpbacks and come to know these...

Giant icebergs of Newfoundland and Labrador

Journey through time with us to learn about the birth of a continent and the death of an ocean. Walk in the footsteps of the New World’s...

We explore the lighthouses and headlands of southern Labrador

This gentle expedition was recognized as one of the world’s best adventure in 2009 by National Geographic.  The rich...

This humpback calf put on an amazing show for us

Welcome to our Newfoundland Family Wildlife Adventure. Join River and Willow plus their mom Carolyn for a week of family fun and adventure on...

If you look carefully past the birds, you see two humpbacks

Renowned naturalist and birder Greg Stroud returns home to Newfoundland to lead a bird-themed Newfoundland Adventure excursion. Greg’s...

News & AwardsNews & Awards
The exploits of 17th century whalers are part of southern Labrador experience

When Columbus told the world of his New World Discovery of 1492 he received letters from Basque captains complaining he had revealed their most guarded secret. By the 1540s thousands of Basques were leaving France and Spain to make epic transatlantic voyages to the Labrador coast where their whaling efforts harvested the oil that lit the lamps of Renaissance Europe. The industrial efforts of the Basques had profound effects on the whale populations of the North Atlantic while history books are still being rewritten to recognize the many new world firsts achieved by these hardy ...

Orca group which we have called d-pod since 2002

We have been documenting the orcas of Newfoundland and Labrador since the 1990s. Numerous 2013 sightings around the Northeast coast and offshore accompanied by some dramatic behavioral observations were followed by a big ice year and more orca sightings in the southern part of our province.  We are very excited about our 2015 Southern Labrador Adventure program.  You can follow our orca adventures more closely by following our facebook page.

Wildland repeats with 2009 National Geographic recognition of World’s best travel companies!