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Mary Turner, Florida Mary Turner, Florida

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I had travelled to Newfoundland with one of your American ‘competitors’ and I just had to return so I could get off the bus and see the sights with the locals. This time I got to see the whales, icebergs and puffins that [the big bus company] promised but couldn’t deliver. And while I could tell that the animal gatherings were among the biggest on earth (they were a real wow!), the real highlight of the holiday was getting to meet your staff and the Newfoundlanders you work with. Dan Hickey is a prince. Genuine, friendly, knowledgeable, and wonderful are just words…I still don’t know how to describe the fun I had with Dan and all the folks I met on your Newfoundland Adventure…enclosed is my deposit for your…Viking Trail trip…I am looking forward to more icebergs and especially to more Newfoundlanders and Newfoundland food.”