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Titanic Commemoration in 2012Titanic Commemoration in 2012

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The year 2008 was a great one for icebergs.
Iceberg Alley, Newfoundland and Labrador

In April, 2012 we will be remembering history and hosting one of the planet’s most recognized events.
Wildland Tours is thrilled to be one of the founding partners putting together an April 2012 commemoration of the Titanic disaster off Cape Race, Newfoundland.  This dramatic and famous headland was the place where the world’s most famous distress signal was received.  Cape Race’s Marconi operators spread the story of the disaster to the world and worked to coordinate the rescue of the Titanic’s survivors. 
In 2012 travellers and Newfoundland/Labrador citizens will be invited to participate in a series of exciting and distinctive commemorative events that speak to the dramatic story of iceberg alley, the Titanic, and one of history’s most compelling examples of grandeur, hubris, and human arrogance.
While cruise ships bob at sea over the ocean’s Titanic “gravesite” off Newfoundland, we will coordinate the shore-side part of the Titanic commemoration as the technology of 1912 is once again put to use at Cape Race.  Messages of hope, commemoration, and remembrance will be received as part of our centennial event.  We will also remember how the messages of the Titanic’s era resonate today in the fields of marine safety, marine communications, iceberg monitoring, and the entertainment industry.     
As the setting for the disaster and a hub for marine science and technology, there is no better place than Newfoundland and Labrador for remembering RMS Titanic exactly one century later.
For more details go to http://www.titaniccommemoration.com