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Some comments from our recent guests:

Please also accept my gratitude for your kindness and hospitality during my two week stay in Newfoundland, and providing me with the most wonderful and spectacular whale watching days I’m sure I will ever have in my lifetime.”

Lyn Samler, Hampshire, England

We saw more whales and seabirds than I could have imagined… Thank you so much for the excellent arrangements … The people of your island are indeed special”

Terry Hicks, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for a great two weeks in a beautiful and unspoiled part of Canada!”

Joan Budd Tehkummah, Ontario, Canada

We had an exceptionally enjoyable time and we have been recommending Newfoundland to all of our neighbours.”

I. Storgaard, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

… it was a splendid experience, worth repeating.”

Diana Willcock, Surrey, England

We had an extraordinarily productive and enjoyable visit off the beaten path to see some truly remarkable and breathtaking sights.”

C. Edwin Meadows, Jr., Commissioner, Department of Conservation, Maine, U.S.A

… thank you for helping to make my stay one of the most remarkable holidays I have ever had.”

Lyn Pritchard, London, England

Thank you for the…video. I’ve watched it twice already, brings back some wonderful memories of the fun, excitement and the shared adventure with great folks. Awesome footage of the dolphins, double breaches and the orcas.”

Arlene Erven, Ontario

I just wanted to thank Dan for an incredible trip…all was great. The talk, the wheels, the grub. Dan is a veritable machine, a renaissance man of the highest order, who kept us going on local lore, nature and history info and his own passion for the land. The tunes were great too! Dan, I know I’ll be back, as that image of the Gannets and the myriad corners of the province you describe still spin through my noggin. Can’t thank you enough.”

Geordie Miller Ontario

I had travelled to Newfoundland with one of your American ‘competitors’ and I just had to return so I could get off the bus and see the sights with the locals. This time I got to see the whales, icebergs and puffins that [the big bus company] promised but couldn’t deliver. And while I could tell that the animal gatherings were among the biggest on earth (they were a real wow!), the real highlight of the holiday was getting to meet your staff and the Newfoundlanders you work with. Dan Hickey is a prince.

Mary Turner, Florida