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Some comments from our recent guests:

From the moment Dan Hickey met me at the airport in St. John’s till I left Mark Tsang in Deer Lake two weeks later, you offered me excellent service. The staff in the shop was helpful in every way – including regarding books and videos (my luggage was already too heavy). The Viking Trail tour proved to be a very good choice. The mix of history, nature, and culture was very satisfying. Even the weather was on our side. In addition, I must emphasize the tour leader Mark Tsang.

Lasse Kapstaef, Norway

Heather Ivany was pure sunshine. I would have happily travelled with her to the ends of the Earth. ”

Monica Carruthers, Virginia

Your tour is an excellent package with a great variety of scenery, wildlife, and activities. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Newfoundland with Wildland Tours.”

Jim Alexander, New Jersey

The visual beauty of Newfoundland and the voices of the people we met, and left behind will forever live in my head, but more importantly, in my heart. If all of ones life becomes a warm quilt of people and memories, then somewhere near the center is a single gold thread that embroiders the simple word…Newfoundland. Thank you again for everything. ”

Barbara Vernes, Minnesota

I have just returned home from completing your company’s Viking Trail tour. This was without a doubt the best tour I have ever taken. From seeing a trilobite on the first day, to hiking the Green Gardens, to the archaeological sites of Red Bay, L’Anse aux Meadows and Port au Choix, to the fossil strewn beach at Green Point, as well as a tour of the Bay of Islands, and everything in between was much more than I had expected. The small group size really allows an individual to experience more than they would with one of the larger tour operators. ”

Jason Rizzo, Florida

The natural beauty of Newfoundland is surpassed only by the spirit and warmth of its people. Thank you for skillfully and knowledgeably sharing this treasure with us.”

Dave and Barbara Conn, Ontario

I want to tell how much we enjoyed our holiday; it was so varied, everything from whales to arthropods, it increased my awe at the wonders of the natural world. And we enjoyed meeting new people, Nellie, the boat captains, curators of museums, etc.”

Rosemary and Norman Lewis, U.K.

Our…tour with you was the highlight of our visit to the Maritime Provinces.”

Nancy and Carolyn Hepburn, Scotland

I have treasured my memories of my time spent in Newfoundland.”

Chris Pratt, England

What a great pleasure it was to be a part of a Wildland Tour! To drive along a highway where caribou grazed on one side of the road and moose on the other. To gaze at an elevation of reddish brown soil and rocks that at one point in time was the floor of an ancient ocean. To see fossils of Trilobites. To be in a small boat manoevering in and around icebergs. To visit two UNESCO sites. To walk where people lived and walked before Columbus arrived.

Marie Benner, California